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János Ávéd / David Six / Tilo Weber


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János Ávéd - saxophones
David Six - piano & cembalo
Tilo Weber - drums & vibraphone

IN 2025

This band is something very special for me - almost like a dream that pours into music. Very rarely have I experienced such an inspiring, open-minded and spontaneous atmosphere in an ensemble - and that after what feels like 100 bands I've had the honour of playing in. Perhaps it's because my colleagues have played in a vast number of international groups and the accumulated wealth of experience is something to draw on? The formation is a band of bandleaders, because each of us writes, arranges and drives forward, knows what works and what doesn't. 


Actually, any one of us could write this text here. It's pure coincidence that I, the pianist in the ensemble, am doing this now. The nice thing about it is that it gives me the opportunity to express my admiration for my two great fellow musicians: 

János Ávéd, saxophonist and composer from Budapest, is a man brimming with great musical ideas, well-versed in playing Hungarian traditional music, profoundly experienced in the classical music tradition, especially the music of the 2nd Viennese School, and plays jazz with a sound that I have never heard before: incredibly lyrical and tasteful on the one hand and at the same time he blows with such power that you cannot escape his playing. I can also highly recommend his solo recordings!


My admiration does not stop when it comes to Tilo Weber, percussionist and composer from Berlin. He plays like no other from a musical depth that has an absolutely captivating effect on me (countless reviews describe something similar). He is a visionary of sound on the drums and projects that sound into the furthest corner of any room, even in pianissimo. Tilo plays the most complicated material with an ease that makes you believe he has just reinvented music. At the same time, he is so liberated and easy-going in his free playing that I can hardly express how much I am looking forward to our next concert together. 


Ultimately, we are three composers who arrange each other and try to make concert evenings as exciting and varied as possible - both for our audience and for ourselves. And even if it takes 15 hours of rehearsals on several days in a row - with these gentlemen it happens in an excellent atmosphere!

Come to the concert - you won't regret it! 


(David Six)


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