The depth that David Six explores and uncovers in his piano music is highly impressive. Sitting across from comments of virtuosity, design and background, the source of ‘real’ music is conveyed! (Christoph Cech)

With a particular interest in composing his own music, an innovative approach to improvisation and through creative interpretations of classical pieces, Vienna & Berlin-based pianist David Six has been developing an adventurous performance practice. With a noticeably unique sound on the piano, he performs contemporary, jazz and classical music as a soloist and with numerous ensembles and orchestras.   

David started his musical education with Susanne Walter and Dieter Stemmer and later studied jazz and classical music with Martin Stepanik and Sven Birch in Linz, Austria. Further studies in 2010 in New York with Ellery Eskelyn, Aaron Parks and Fabian Almazan made very important contributions to his musical development. Since 2012 he studies classical South Indian percussion with Manickam Yogeswaran in Berlin and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

His musical collaborators include classical soloists as well as outstanding jazz and pop musicians from all over the globe: Mira Lu Kovacs, Shara Worden, Daníel Fridrik Böðvarsson, Bill Frisell, Laura Winkler’s Wabi-Sabi Orchestra, Stargaze & André de Ridder, Morris Kliphuis, Terry Riley, Memplex, Stargaze, Andrej Prozorov, David Six’ Matador, Ilya Alabuzhev, Matthias Ruppnig, Wanja Slavin, Nora Fischer, Dach, Alexi Murdoch, Grant Hart, Aart Strootman, and many more. 

David Six  musician  pianist